Williams Hruškovice 0,2l

  • 50% Alc by Vol.
  • 0 mg/kg Thujon

Hill's Williams Hruškovice is a pear brandy made of Williams pears grown in Pohorje mountain region in Slovenia. The pears are picked at the height of ripeness and prepared for fermentation then distilled by craftsman. The nose is floral and warm with the powerful fragrance of fresh pears and honey. The palate is very smooth, deep fruity and balanced with strong taste of yourthful pears which end in long-lasting pleasant after-taste. Limited by natural resource of the highest quality Pohorje Williams pears, only 10,000 bottles are manufactured annaully. Hill's Williams Pear Brandy is the perferct blend of natural origin and manual craftsmanship utilised in the entire production process, from fermentation till the final bottle decoration.


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