Valašská Slivovice 0,2l

  • 50% Alc by Vol.
  • 0 mg/kg Thujon

Hill’s Valašská Slivovice is a plum brandy made of Czech plums grown in Walachei region in the east of the Czech Republic. Walachei has always been at the centre of plum brandies with a tradition of slivovitz-distilling since XIV century. Hill’s Valasska Slivovice has been produced according to the original Hill’s family recipe for more than 90 years. The highest quality ripe plums, traditional distillation techniques and subsequent maturation result in outstanding slivovitz. The nose is warm with strong essence of ripe plums and black currants. The taste is very smooth and fruity with mellow tones. After-taste ends with long-lasting plummy savour. Hill’s Slivovitz is the perfect blend of natural origin and manual craftsmanship utilised in the entire production process, from fermentation till the final bottle decoration. Limited by natural resources of the highest quality plums and availability of suitable oak barrels, only 10,000 bottles are manufactured annually.


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