Suicide Absinth Classic 0.5l

SUICIDE Absinth Green comes in 500ml skull shaped bottle and is recognised by a noticable bitter taste of wormwood, anise and fennel that creates perfect harmony of true absinth herbs, and with its 70% alcohol strength this absinth is surely something special.


Suicide Absinth Red Chili 0.5l

SUICIDE Absinth Red is an extremely chili absinth. The base is same as SUICIDE Absinth Green just hot chili extract added. This hardcore absinth for adventure lovers. High thujon and hot as hell! Ideal for preparing cocktails.


Suicide Absinth Gothic 0.5l

SUICIDE Absinth Black is a Gothic version of SUICIDE absinth. 70% alcohol, 35 mg/kg thujon and black color makes it very special. Dark as night and strong as hell!


Suicide Super Strong 0.5l

Strongest absinth ever


Super Strong Cannabis 0.5l

Strongest absinth with cannabis.

  • High quality

    Excellent combination of eight to eleven herbs is macerated in extra fine grain alcohol according to 90 years old family recipe. Our absinths are 100% natural without any artificial coloring and additives.

  • Design

    We try to reach perfect combination of quality, price and design. All of our products come in beautiful and unique bottles with striking labels and with wormwood branch inside.

  • Price

    While having premium quality, we offer our products at extremely competitive prices on its range what made our absinths best-selling in the market.


Recipe for today

Bohemian ritual

Bohemian or Fire Ritual is invented Czech Republic in late 1990s. Unlike old traditional method, Czech style involves fire on absinthe-soaked sugar.



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